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You are more than you imagine!

The other day, I was in a rush trying to get everything at home sorted and ready before we left to go on our summer holiday. One of my jobs was to get the garden looking reasonable! With all the rain we've been having in the UK at the moment, getting outside to do some serious gardening has been somewhat difficult - nevertheless with the holiday looming it had to be done!

So I was outside in the light drizzly rain, sorthing the garden. One of the jobs was to pick and freeze the black currants from our small bush that sits proudly in amongst the roses. I made some great jam last year and want to repeat the exercise again when we get back from holiday. The thing was, I hadn't seen many black currants at all on the bush this year. So I found a rather small plastic container from the kitchen to go and collect the meagre harvest.

As I approached the bush, there were a great many leaves - all green and lush - well, you would expect that with all the rain! But still, I did not see …

Our Father - song story

'Our Father' is one of those songs that did not take me very long to write. Usually the songwriting processs takes many months, even years before the song is complete. However, this song was one of those pleasing exceptions.
It all started with a comment my mother made on the way back from church one Sunday. We attend a lively, charismatic, evangelical church and her comment was: 'I wish we said The Lord's Prayer at church more often, it is such a good prayer'. And that was all the inspiration I needed. In response to this seemingly throw-away comment I set to work, writing a song that would fit comfortably within a modern worship set, yet still contained the words and impact of one of the most famous prayers from The Bible.
I am aware that the prayer has been covered and re-imagined in song-form many times over. However, I hope you will agree that this version fits well within the modern worship music genre. The whole point being that evangelical churches can sti…